E+Co supports and invests in small and growing clean energy enterprises in Africa, Asia and Central America, for the purpose of reducing the impact of climate change and energy poverty. Since 1994, E+Co has made over 250 investments that have resulted in significant financial, social and environmental impact (E+Co’s Triple Bottom Line) including:

  • 7.8 million people in households with access to modern energy services
  • 4.8 million tons of carbon offset by enterprises
  • +5,400 jobs supported
  • Over 1.2 million tons of charcoal and firewood displaced
  • Over 900,000 barrels of oil displaced

Working via six developing world offices (Costa Rica, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, and China), and with support offices in the US and Netherlands, E+Co staff implement E+Co’s “market-based, entrepreneur-centric” model. This model is based on the linkage of “Enterprise Development Services” plus “Capital,” as the means to ensure successful investments in clean energy enterprises that have catalytic and lasting impact.


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