Focus Areas

Delivering power through small hydro development in Georgia

Under this focus area, the RELWA project will provide training and support to help renewable energy small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reduce the risk of failure, increase local market impact, and qualify for more investment capital to grow their businesses.

Improving education through solar schools in the Philippines

RELWA aims to support the design and delivery of interventions to enable governments to adopt supportive policy for renewable energy development. This includes preparing recommendations and providing guidance tailored to specific market conditions, political and community structures, and existing regulatory and other frameworks.

Improving education through solar schools in the Philippines

This focus area encompasses renewable energy for economic and social development (to support education, agriculture, water supply, health facilities, and information and communication technologies etc.). Relevant activities include advising on the potential for using renewable energy to address sectoral energy needs or for integrating renewable energy into cross-cutting rural energy development programs that address energy needs in multiple sectors.

Improved stoves reducing fuel wood consumption & improving health in Bangladesh

Under this focus area, RELWA objectives include the scaled up adoption of safe, efficient and appropriate household cooking and lighting technologies worldwide. Activities can include performing market assessments, developing manufacturing and supply chain development strategies, linking household energy programs with carbon financing and offset programs, and/or building local capacity for stove testing and monitoring, commercial stove marketing, etc.

Bioenergy from waste in Nigeria

Relevant activities for this focus area include assessments of bioenergy experience in developing countries, including the use of biomass-fired generation and cogeneration and the production of liquid biofuels, and dissemination of information about new and existing technologies and applications, opportunities, and constraints.

Increasing access to solar power in the Philippines

Through this program, the RELWA team strives to increase access to renewable energy financing by replicating successful models, developing innovative carbon finance and renewable energy microfinance models, and/or building renewable energy-related capacity in local financial institutions.

Taking renewable energy to scale through wind power

RELWA actions will promote large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy (projects that provide at least 1 MWe to the grid) by identifying key barriers and obstacles, determining where development prospects appear favorable if constraints can be addressed, and designing interventions to overcome the constraints.