Increasing Access to Renewable Energy Financing

Increasing access to solar power in the Philippines

Through this program, the RELWA team strives to increase access to renewable energy financing by replicating successful models, developing innovative carbon finance and renewable energy microfinance models, and/or building renewable energy-related capacity in local financial institutions.

Financing Mechanisms and Public/Private Risk Sharing Instruments for Financing Small Scale Renewable Energy Equipment and Projects

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) commissioned this study to assess experience with and recommend designs for financial risk management instruments (FRMIs) that support scaled-up delivery and financing of small scale renewable energy (SSRE) equipment and projects. The main focus is on financing structures that meet the needs of households and small end-user markets in off-grid, rural communities, and the micro and small enterprises who serve them.  This report is intended for both program strategists/policy makers and program designers/implementers.

On the Frontiers of Finance: Scaling up Investment in Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries

On the Frontiers of Finance provides an overview of the current landscape, lending practices, and principal challenges of financial intermediaries providing capital to sustainable SMEs in developing countries. The objective of this study is to help stimulate greater and more effective sustainable SME investment by better understanding how the sector can best be supported and expanded.

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