Developing Renewable Energy Small and Medium Enterprises

Delivering power through small hydro development in Georgia

Under this focus area, the RELWA project will provide training and support to help renewable energy small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reduce the risk of failure, increase local market impact, and qualify for more investment capital to grow their businesses.

Increasing Energy Access Through Enterprise

The purpose of this toolkit is to present information and tools that help small and growing energy service enterprises flourish.  This Wikispace is meant to serve two purposes: (1) as a "filing cabinet" of data and resources to be studied, collaboratively debated and continuously updated; and (2) as a toolkit -- presentations and spreadsheets, guidebooks and learning manuals, case studies of what works and what has failed, reference documents and videos. The audience is a diverse group of development practitioners, government officials and energy entrepreneurs.

On the Frontiers of Finance: Scaling up Investment in Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries

On the Frontiers of Finance provides an overview of the current landscape, lending practices, and principal challenges of financial intermediaries providing capital to sustainable SMEs in developing countries. The objective of this study is to help stimulate greater and more effective sustainable SME investment by better understanding how the sector can best be supported and expanded.

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