Providing Cross-Sectoral Renewable Energy Support

Improving education through solar schools in the Philippines

This focus area encompasses renewable energy for economic and social development (to support education, agriculture, water supply, health facilities, and information and communication technologies etc.). Relevant activities include advising on the potential for using renewable energy to address sectoral energy needs or for integrating renewable energy into cross-cutting rural energy development programs that address energy needs in multiple sectors.

USAID Empowering Development brochures

This series of brochures highlights the role that energy can play as a critical input in meeting the development challenges in the agriculture, education, health, SMEs, water, economic growth, natural resources and the environment, and other development sectors. The brochures include an overview of the issue, a demonstration of the links between energy services, economic development and poverty reduction, and numerous case studies. The primary audiences are decision makers and development activity implementers in the agriculture, water, education, communication, enterprise, rural infrastructure, etc., sectors where clean, reliable energy is a critical input in enhancing economic and social development.

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