Cookstoves in Bangladesh

USAID commissioned a study, through Winrock International, to develop and document innovative models for the creation of a commercial cookstove market in Bangladesh, with a focus on getting to scale. The purpose of this study was to identify locally operating organizations in Bangladesh involved in improved cookstove activities and programs with significant capacity of achieving scale, as well as to propose areas of intervention where USAID funding could help eliminate clearly identified obstacles to scaling up. Potentially replicable commercialization models in other energy sectors (solar home systems and biogas plants) were closely studied.

Winrock International conducted the study from November through December 2011 with assistance from a subcontractor, E+Co, and USAID. The research agenda included a short desk study that sought to highlight the major market players and trends as well as drivers in the sector. Through the desk study, organizations and individuals were identified and contacted. The field visit was organized so as to coincide with the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA)-sponsored Stove Design and Testing Workshop led by Aprovecho Research Center and facilitated by Winrock International (Dhaka, Bangladesh, November 30 –December 3, 2011), which brought together many of the key stove players in Bangladesh and gave the study team the opportunity to do on site interviews as well as collect useful information on the efficiency of improved stoves currently being sold in Bangladesh.

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