USAID-Winrock Kenya Cookstoves RFA

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Winrock International are soliciting applications for a 24-month grant award or awards to strengthen the private sector commercial distribution of fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves in Kenya. Winrock anticipates awarding one or more grants, individually ranging in size from $250,000 (minimum) to $750,000 (maximum).

This Request for Applications (RFA) encourages non-traditional entrants into the sector  in order to increase collaboration and partnerships between cookstove designers/enterprises and entities with expertise in retail, distribution, logistics, and financing. Winrock encourages applicants to propose innovative solutions and partnerships to overcome distribution and financing bottlenecks in the cookstove arena.

This RFA is open to all groups that meet the eligibility requirements set forth in section 3 Applicant Eligibility of the RFA attached below. Organizations interested in this funding opportunity should submit to Winrock an application by Friday, April 26, 2013, 5pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) following the guidelines set forth in section 5 Submission Instructions noted in the RFA. Only applicants that meet the eligibility criteria and follow the submission instructions will be reviewed.

Responses to questions submitted on the RFA are now available at:


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